What a storm!

As I mentioned two days ago in the twitter, there was an enormous thunderstorm ongoing yesterday and the night before. Quite a lot of rain and strong wind did wash and blow away everything that was not solid on the ground. Luckily we, my pokémon and myself, could get into a cave so we didn’t get blown away.
But not the wind nor the water were the big problem, it was the thunder that was really the strongest thing ongoing!
Everything started all nice and slowly…

After we came out of Mt. Coronet and had our lunch we set out to Celestic Town. It was already clear we couldn’t reach it in time before the storm started. So we stayed close to the mountain in order to get into a cave once the thunder started rolling.

The sky was still blue but small clouds already did move really fast towards the mountain. There they started to gather and rise up. It was about 14:00 at that time.

One hour later, the blue tone of the sky slowly became gray. The wind started to blow on the ground as well, little at first.
The wild pokémon did notice that there was a storm coming. I could see a group of Meditite preparing some kind of dugout where they would stay during the night. They did pick a nice place for it, so I was sure there wouldn’t be any problem there but I still hoped that nothing bad would happen to them during the night.

Around 17:00 we could enjoy the last sun rays. The sky now was completely light gray and some darker clouds did gather already at the behind us.
Then the wall of clouds got slowly thicker, covering the sun. Also the wind did now blow in a steady pace, however still not strong at all.

We made another small rest. I did take out all my pokémon to tell them about the storm again and that I will have to keep them inside the pokéballs from now on. Of course they did disagree at first but I had some good arguments for everyone of them, Torny and Passy were weak against the rain that will fall, Star ☆ would not be able to fly in that strong wind the meteorologists forecast, Chelt, as sad and funny as it is, surly would be afraid of such a strong storm, the strong magnetic and electric field of the thunderstorm could harm Comet and I would have trouble to look over Gan in the darkness of the storm. I promised, that as soon as I find a safe place or if I really needed any help I would let them out again. With some objections they went into their pokéballs and I continued my journey.

Slowly it started to rain. I took out my raincoat and continued. I did not want to stop walking now.

It was around 20:00 when the thunder started. Unlike other thunderstorms, the thunder did not start slowly, no… with en enormous light bolt the storm suddenly broke over the valley. The wind doubled in strength and the rain tripled. From time to time hail flow down on me. But the biggest change was the enormous and nearly permanent thunder that was enlighten the sky and the ground to nearly daylight every few seconds. That strange light and the horrible rain finally made me clear that I had to search for a cave.. and that fast because I immediately got another short message, that the storm even would increase! I had to hurry.

After about thirty minutes I did see a cave in the distance. I was soaked completely wet already and started to freeze. Luckily the wind blew in a steady pace from the back which helped me to keep walking but it was a hard fight. And it got even harder because a few meters before I reached the cave, another thunder bolt hit right into the mountain just above me!
Big boulders crashed right down where the entrance of the cave was.

It was clear, I needed help. Luckily the place I was right now did cover the wind and with it the rain a little so I could safely call Passy to help me with moving away the stones.

With Passy it took about fifteen minutes to clear the entrance. We just wanted to enter the cave when the wind suddenly turned and a wave of rain hit both of us. Hit by the sudden force both of us flew a few meter through the air and land ungentle on the ground. Due to the force of the landing my view blurred out. I tried my best to look around and searched for Passy. I could see a red spot near me which I hoped was his nose.
I took out his pokéball to retrieve it but it did not work! The magnetic field of the mountain, included with the strong thunderstorm seemed to block the signal of the pokéballs. I crawled on all four to my Passy and tried to lift him up. But did you ever try to move a 90kg heavy rock while you’re down on your knees and weak form a strong ongoing storm? It was really hard..
.. and then…
.. slowly a bright ball did fly into our direction .. my view finally did clear and I looked directly at the ball.. could it be? It was!
It was a ball lightning. And it slowly flew above us and placed itself right over Passy.
I expected the worst. If these things go off, a hole house could explore. But they also can suddenly disappear… However this one had a different thing in mind.
For a few seconds it rested there and then the right light in it’s inside started to get even brighter, its size increased and the hear it produced did literally evaporate the rain that was falling down on us in midair. And then my Passy started to glow too! Due to the bright lights of both of them I had to cover my eyes.
A few seconds later I felt that Passy moving and slowly took my other arm off my eyes again. the lightning ball was gone and my Passy – it evolved into a Probopass!

Once the evolution was over, Passy was back conscious and now helped me to stand up. Together we trudged into the safe cave. Inside I could call out all my pokémon and they helped me to warm up again. Together we fastly felt asleep.

The picture you can see was taken the next morning. The storm was over but you still could see the reaming damage it caused. And also there still were many clouds left. In the distance also still was rain falling down and the now rising sun crated a beautiful rainbow into the sky.

During the day, rain and sunlight did change every few minutes. Because of the damage the storm caused, it took the whole day to reach Celestic Town. But once the sun disappeared behind the horizon we arrived here in the pokémon center.
A big thank to Nurse Joy and Chansey for taking so great care of my pokémon and myself too. In return I tried to help them today with the damage the storm caused even though I did not have too much strength left from the fight the night before.

Tomorrow we’ll prepare for the next part of the journey. The weather is said to be good for the next few days so we can fly to Veilstone City as planned. Of course we cannot do that in one go, we’ll rest and also walk a few times but it will go a lot faster than just traveling by feet.

Okay people, we’re all well and soon the Sinnoh League starts. Wowy.. And my team is now even stronger with the evolution of Passy! Take care you other trainer out there, we’re strong!

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