Round 01 vs. Jill – A hot Start

As promised, I try to inform ya all the time about my recent fights in the Suzuran Tournament!

This morning we were fighting against the trainer Jill. We held the “opening” fight today in the northern stadium!
The random terrain was not too random, we got the “normal” ground we normally have in gyms or on the training fields in pokémon centers.
Jill used her Infernape, Gabite and Rapidash. I countered them with Gan and Passy. So as you can see, I only used two pokémon, means I won the fight ^^

First, Jill sent in her Infernape and I my Passy. Because of the type advantage of my Passy, I could get Infernape down really fast and easy. But when it was nearly defeated, it’s Blaze-Ability did kick in which gave it a big power boost. A combination of Sandstorm and Power Gem (kinda a Power Gem Storm ;P) finished Infernape off.
Her second pokémon Gabite was not an easy task too. Ground and Rock attacks didn’t harm it too much. Luckily I taught Passy pretty many Electro-Moves what Gabite and Jill surprised. Because of that, and some Rest-Moves, Gabite lost to Passy.
For Jill’s third and last pokémon Rapidash I recalled Passy and sent in Gen. The high speed of Rapidash would’ve been too fast for Passy, Gen however didn’t have any trouble to follow the moves. The fight kinda reminded me of my home since these two pokémon are also pretty common in Johto. My Gan could keep the upper hand during the whole fight and with a final strong Shadow Punch Rapidash was defeated and We won the first fight in the Tournament!

I’m sorry for Jill that I had to destroy her dreams so early in the tournament. Hopefully we’ll be able to battle again anytime soon.

The next fight will be in two or up to four days, depending on how the fights tomorrow will go and the luck of the draw.
Whoever it will be, take care! My team and I are ready to win this tournament and we’re nothing easy to beat!

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