Round 02 vs. Keith – A tricky Battle

Trainer in the second round was Keith from the Kanto Region. He called himself the trick master and it was tricky to fights against him. In the first round he used some pretty special moves and I was prepared for more tricks to appear.
We were fighting in the eastern stadium on a grass field with both, longish and short grass mixed together.

I did start the fight with Star ☆, Keith sent in an Electrode as response – good choice, I have to admit that. And it was a pleasure to see an Electrode again after such a long time ^^/
Keith seemed to be in a hurry, he started right away with many lighting-attacks in a row. However they all couldn’t reach Star ☆ which was flying too high. I knew I couldn’t leave it up there forever so I let it combine quickattack and double team which seemed to distract Electrode enough to land a hit. But right before Star ☆ could strike it, Electrode exploded! It was a trick! But to be honest, not really a successful one… I suspected that and let let Star ☆ know to only attack it with a doppelganger and so Electrode exploded for nothing and was knocked out.
Second pokémon Keith sent in was a Croagunk. Its laughing was very irritating and you could never know what it was thinking or planning to do. And Keith started to act the same way… Another trick with which they tried to confuse us. So we did the same! I let my Star ☆ hide inside the grass and slowly sneaking behind Croagunk. From there Start ☆ used double team again to appear all around Croagunk all of the sudden! With that I hoped to bring them out of their concept since you don’t except a flying pokémon to use moves on the ground. The idea was great but Croagunk and Keith also were not to under estimate. Hey, those trainers all did beat at least eight gym-leaders too. An extremely strong all-around-poison-sting immediately destroyed all Doppelganger, leaving an empty and now mow grass-field back!
My Star ☆ luckily realized its strength before I did and did fly up into the sky while Croagunk was looking in the other direction. Star ☆ positioned himself right in front of the sun and let out a loud growl! Croagunk turned around to look for his enemy but the bright sunlight burnt in its eyes and it had to close them. Right at that moment I could let Star ☆ attack Croagunk and finish it off with an awesome Aero-Ace!
My Star ☆ really already was the star of the fight and also Keith’s third and last pokémon Farfetch’d couldn’t change that fact. Farfetch’d tried its best to change the battle but Star ☆ was simply in such a great physique and mood now, Keith and his last pokémon did not stand a chance. After a short battle Farfetch’d went KO and my Star ☆ finished the battle with hat-trick!

We’re in Round 03 now. And also some other trainer I already did see on my journey did make it into the next round. The battles now will get stronger and more intense. No more easiness, I already had to see that today and will surly take more care during the next fights.
So then, I will go back to the small kitchen of my apartment I got here where I am cooking a great dinner for all of us and a special meal just for Star ☆. It really did earn it ^^
Tomorrow I’ll watch some of the other fights and prepare us for the next round!

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