Village Bridge Tournament

During the last few weeks, my Pokémon and I did take part in Village Bridge in the Village Bridge Tournament, an annually Pokémon Tournament for trainers from all regions! The fights start off the Village Bridge. Half of the participants on the west and the other half on the east side. The more fights you win, the closer to the center of the bridge will the battles be held until the final one will be right in the middle, winner of the east against the winner of the west side. I started at the west side.
The battles were three against three battles, yes, three Pokémon at once! That was quite a surprise and special for me. Normally I do one against one battles, seldom two vs. two. But I never did a three vs. three battle before.

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Ending of the Suzuran Tournament

Today was the final event of the Suzuran Tournament and the handing of the trophy. As you know, Henry did win against me yesterday. He just was better and won deserved.
Last night we already did celebrate his victory a little in the pokémon center where we were resting after the awesome fight.
Now today, Cynthia and Charles Goodshow did gave Henry the trophy and ended the Tournament with that. What an awesome event!
I know we will stay in contact from now on ^^

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Round 05 vs. John – Types sometimes don’t matter

Today’s match was against the trainer John who’s specialty is, that he so far always used a pokémon with a type advantage against the opponents one. Plus he was always calm, no matter how the fight was going. Some trainers made that behavior really nervous.
I wanted to try and resist that calmness but I have to admit, it was really had to deal with.

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Round 04 vs. Isa – Wet grass

With a spark-attack, my Comet finished off Azumarill in this first confrontation between me and Isa of Round 04 in the Tournament.

The battle today took place in the big main stadium, however still on a small field; a grass field. This stadium really is an impressive place to fight in. I so far only could watch other trainer fight in here. But now being the one that fights was something completely different and really great!

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Trading day!

Today was a resting-day between Round 03 and Round 04. As a little even for both, trainer and visitors, they built up a small trading-area where you can trade your pokémon!
To be honest, I don’t actually like the idea of trading a pokémon. I love all of my pokémon and want to keep them always. But today I did make a trade…

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Round 01 vs. Jill – A hot Start

As promised, I try to inform ya all the time about my recent fights in the Suzuran Tournament!

This morning we were fighting against the trainer Jill. We held the “opening” fight today in the northern stadium!
The random terrain was not too random, we got the “normal” ground we normally have in gyms or on the training fields in pokémon centers.
Jill used her Infernape, Gabite and Rapidash. I countered them with Gan and Passy. So as you can see, I only used two pokémon, means I won the fight ^^

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