Round 03 vs. Duke – Let’s cool down

Round 03 was today. This time we thought in the west stadium. On an icy ground my team was fighting against Duke, a trainer from here, the Sinnoh Region.

Due to the good results in the previous fights I was the one starting the fight again. I called my Gen which shouldn’t have a lot of trouble with the icy ground nor too much with ice attacks. Duke seemed to love the arena and sent in a Glaceon! It’s first attack was a really big surprise – the tickle-move – it literally played like it could not stand on the ice and made my Gen laughed out loud and forget his guard. Of course this was just a distraction, and out of a sudden Glaceon ran towards Gen with an incredibly speed to hit it with an ice fang. Gen was still laughing and got bitten hard… but Gen did not stop laughing! It kept laughing and the bite did not seem to hurt at all. The laughing got even louder and really scary! Now I did understand Gen and ordered it to attack with scary face and mean look and then use hypnosis to make it sleep. All worked without a problem and together with our newest attack nightmare, Glaceon got knocked out really fast.
I am always surprised about my pokémon that they come up with tactics them self too and I know they also like it that I know what they are planning to do ^^
Duke was now scared too… Not just because of the previous attack but it also looked like we were kinda hard with Glaceon. I apologized for it but Duke shouted that he will now show me their real strength with his strongest pokémon, Empoleon!
Empoleon immediately attacked with strong ice and water moves and my Gen and me had some trouble to keep up with it. Empoleon let mist appear over the fighting area in order to make it invisible for us. But it seemed like Duke didn’t know that Ghost pokémon like misty places. Gen had no trouble to see and evade all of Empoleon’s attacks and could even hide itself inside the mist!
Furious about that we were fighting against the rules to “abuse” his own attack against him, Duke recalled Empoleon and sent in his third pokémon Yanmega. I really hoped Duke would cool down a bit…
With an incredibly strong wind it blew the mist and Gen off the fighting area and finished it off with air Slash. First time one of my pokémon got defeated in these battles here in the tournament!
I sent in Comet to win the fight for me. And it did.
Yanmega couldn’t stand a chance against the lighting power and the speed of Comet’s attacks and was knocked out pretty fast.
Duke’s remaining pokémon Empoleon was a tough enemy but in the end it also couldn’t win against the power of Comet. The longer the fight took, the more did the ice melt on the surface. This became a problem for both pokémon to move but Comet’s claws were a lot sharper so it could dig them into the ice and hold itself still a lot better. Empoleon had more trouble and due to the thin water-layer on the ice-surface, the lighting attacks didn’t just hit Empoleon from above but also from beneath though the water.
A final and incredibly strong thunder-attack (I really never saw Comet use such a strong one) finished Empoleon off and it melted the ice around it that much, that a hole appeared around Empoleon!

Round 03 was won! There’s now one day break for all trainer and pokémon and then Round 04 and so on will be held every day.

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