Trading day!

Today was a resting-day between Round 03 and Round 04. As a little even for both, trainer and visitors, they built up a small trading-area where you can trade your pokémon!
To be honest, I don’t actually like the idea of trading a pokémon. I love all of my pokémon and want to keep them always. But today I did make a trade…

Gen was not happy last night after being defeated by the Yanmega in Round 03 of the tournament. In the middle of the night it jumped out of its pokéball and went outside to train alone.
I did wake up because I had to go to the toilette and on the way back to bed I noticed Gen’s empty pokéball. Scared that someone did steal it I searched everywhere until I did hear familiar noises from outside. Gen was training his Shadow Balls and Shadow Punches. Its face looked sad and sweaty. I rushed outside and ran to Gen, calling its name.
Gen wince when he hear me shouting his name and turned into my direction. Then it flew right at me and started crying in in arms. I hugged Gen tight and petted his head. Without the needs of words I knew what was wrong. Gen felt bad about having lost the tournament fight and all other of my team did win.

We were sitting there a little while together when I remembered the upcoming trading day. NO! I’m not going to trade my Gen away! But there is something special about Haunters if you trade them – they evolve! So I asked Gen about my plan.
At first it was frightened to hear about the trading and hugged me really tight. But at the end, it became really eager to be traded!

So today we went to the trading-area to make the special trade. Many people already know about that fact that some pokémon evolve when traded. And thus the engineers of the trading machines did invent one which trades the pokémon of two owners not just once, but twice! So in the end the pokémon will end up at the same trainer again. Of course you could also do that on any normal trading station with just trading it two times, but these new ones are a little easier to use ;D
I found this trading station pretty fast and waited for another trainer to appear for the trade. I also called Gen to my side so that people could see what I was trading and why.

It took some hours until another trainer came across the trading station to trade and evolve his pokémon. The trainer’s name was Henry and he wanted to evolve his Rhydon into a Rhyperior. For that he has to trade it too, while Rhydon is holding an item called Protector.
Henry and I did chat a little together. He told me he’s from Jubilife City and did start with his journey a few years ago. After this region he went to the Hoenn-Region and now came back for the Tournament. He seemed really nice and I always like to hear stories from other trainers.
Then we started the “trading”… a *humming*… it took some time… then… *bleep* … another humming… and finally *ding dong*
The trade was over!
Henry and I couldn’t wait to see our pokémon again; we eagerly grabbed the balls and celled them to us: Gengar and Rhyperior!

And another sound appeared; the next rounds battles were decided! Who would I fight against? A female trainer showed up next to me. I didn’t know here and will go and check up her data after I wrote this blog entry here.

Henry and I did say good bye and good luck for the fights. Gen and I went back to the training field from last night to show Gen to the other pokémon and to test its new strength.
And trust me; Gen now really became super strong! We’re both happy about this and tomorrow in the next battle, the mysterious Girl really has to take care of us! 😀

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