Round 04 vs. Isa – Wet grass

With a spark-attack, my Comet finished off Azumarill in this first confrontation between me and Isa of Round 04 in the Tournament.

The battle today took place in the big main stadium, however still on a small field; a grass field. This stadium really is an impressive place to fight in. I so far only could watch other trainer fight in here. But now being the one that fights was something completely different and really great!

As her next pokémon, Isa sent in a Lapras, I continued with Comet. The ice attacks and the really strong water attacks were pretty hard to counter even though the type advantage. Plus the wet grass did make pretty much trouble for my comet to find a good grip. more than once it slipped and landed hard on the ground. Lapras didn’t have that much of a problem with the slippery surface. But also Lapras didn’t stand a chance against Comet in the end. A combination of double team and thunder did settle this fight.

The last pokémon of Isa was Quagsire. Because of the immunity against thunder attacks and the damage my Comet already took I did recall it – or at least tried to. But Quagsire was faster and hit Comet hard with a mud bomb. Because of this it flew out of the range of my pokéball and was knocked out. Normally you don’t attack a pokémon that’s getting recalled. In this case however it was okay because my recall was kind of at the same time like Isa’s order to attack.

So I did send in my next pokémon, Gen! After the evolution I wanted to let it fight and regain it’s trust in itself. And it did get all of it back and even more! Gen’s shadow punches and shadow balls were way too strong against Quagsire and actually without much trouble my Gen won the fight and together we won Round 04 of the tournament!

My pokémon really are awesome and that we could get that far that easily in this tournament is just amazing!

In the evening after the last battle, they also immediately announced the four pairings for the next fights of Round 05.

I will fight against an older man called John. In the previous fights here in the tournament he was always a calm fighter and in every fight he used different pokémon, each of them with the type advantage against the enemies one. I wonder what he will use against me and if I may will be able to make him loose his calmness ^^;

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