Round 05 vs. John – Types sometimes don’t matter

Today’s match was against the trainer John who’s specialty is, that he so far always used a pokémon with a type advantage against the opponents one. Plus he was always calm, no matter how the fight was going. Some trainers made that behavior really nervous.
I wanted to try and resist that calmness but I have to admit, it was really had to deal with.

From Round 05 on, all fights are in the main stadium, like my last one already was. But now, we’re using the BIG field and no longer a small one. So with taller pokémon, I have less trouble because of the space which is now wider too.
Today’s fight against John took place on a rocky field however, not too big boulders were covering the ground.
Also different from the previous rounds, in Round 05, each trainer can use up to four pokémon.

Due to the good results in the previous matches, I was the one starting the fight and selecting my pokémon first. I sent in Gen and John did do what he always did, he sent in a pokémon which was strong against the opposites type. In Gen’s case Ghost-Type and so he sent in a Honchkrow.
With its darkness-attacks Honchkrow was kind of a hard enemy. Plus due to its flying it also was pretty fast. Many times it could hit Gen and then evade its counter-attack. It was luck which lead us to the victory. One of Honchkrow’s pursuit-attacks missed and it got stuck in the sand on the ground. Gen immediately used that moment to let it sleep with hypnosis and then eat its dream with dream eater. That was too much for Honchkrow and it got defeated and Gen could recover some energy form the dream.

John stayed calm and sent in his next pokémon, a Drifblim!
I ordered Gen to use mean look so that John cannot switch his pokémon anymore but did do it myself, recalling Gen and sent in… no, not Comet or Passy which would be strong against the wind type of Drifblim, I sent in Chelt! John smiled, but I couldn’t really tell if it was because he thought I am wreck less or because he had fun with how I battled against him.

Immediately John let Drifblim attack with wind attacks which did hit Chelt, but not too badly because I expected them and let Chelt use withdraw as soon as I could give it orders.
With razor leafs Chelt could bring Drifblim into a corner of the field and plant a leech seed on it! While the seed was sucking out energy Chelt prepared a solar beam and shoot it on Drifblim once the seed did fall off it and went back to Chelt. It was a clear victory.

John stayed calm and was laughing a little.. again I had no clue if he was laughing because he enjoyed the battle or because of the next pokémon he was sending in, a Magcargo.
Chelt meanwhile did recover fully from the leech seed and was attacking Magcargo with a curse attack. It worked and Magcargo’s spirit and strength did drop more and more with each second that passed. But also Chelt felt the impact of the attack and had to kneel down on one side.
Magcargo attacked with a flamethrower and hit Chelt hard. Chelt itself did attack with earthquake and that was too much for Magcargo. It fainted and Chelt won that fight. I let it use synthesis while John did take out his last pokémon.

But before he sent it in, he spoke to me that he really loves this fight and marvels my courage to try to withstand him.
His last pokémon was Feraligatr. I smiled now too, recalled Chelt and, for the first time in the tournament, sent in Torny.

One Inferno later, the fight was over, Torny did win against Feraligatr without even having to fight really. John started to applause and the people int he stadium went wild! What an awesome fight!

The semifinals await me and three other trainer: Yoshi, my friend Henry and my next opponent Kathy. Round 06 will be a fight with five pokémon and we all nearly cannot await it!

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