Round 06 vs. Kathy – Serious Business

My team and I reached the semi finals of the Sinnoh League Suzuran Tournament. Nearly unbelievable! And the fight today showed us there’s a reason why we’re here. Sorry for keeping this post short already, but I want to go out to my team again…

Kathy was a hard enemy for all trainers in the previous rounds. Her combination of strong psycho, hard steel and fast flying types made her win every fight. But against us there was nothing she could do.

Her first two pokémon Bronzong and Slowking had to face my Chelt and couldn’t win. Her third pokémon Bastiodon may defeated Chelt but got defeated by Passy. Also her fourth pokémon Aggron didn’t stand a chance against Passy.
For her fifth one, Swellow, I sent in Torny to finish the fight off in again one attack.
Without any grudge she admitted that I was way too strong against her. We’ve reached the final.

That’s also the case why I Want to go and train again as fast as possible. The last fight.. wow..
And my opponent will be Henry.

I always love and hate battling against my friends. Hate because I don’t want to hurt my friends and love because I like the challenge against people I know.
Henry, if you’re reading this: Let’s have an awesome fight tomorrow! Let’s show the best we have!

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