Round 07 vs. Henry – The Final

The day came, the final fight of the Sinnoh League was about to happen, and my team and I were prat of it! I really dreamed that we will be there and now it was reality!
The whole stadium was eager to see an amazing fight and everyone did cheer us two remaining trainer to show them an awesome fight.
And of course, that’s what Henry and I wanted to do!

The field appeared, a standard gym battle field, actually the best suited one for the battle because no one will get an advantage.the crowed slowly got silent and waited for the referee to give the go for the fight.

But before that happened, Cynthia herself, the Champ and strongest trainer of Sinnoh, suddenly did talk to us, wished us luck and a great fight and gave the GO!
The crowed exploded nearly from enthusiasm for the upcoming fight!

Henry was the person to send in the first pokémon and he sent in a Gallade. I did choose Chelt as my first pokémon. The fights begun.

I have to say, Henry did train all of his pokémon really good. Gallade was no exception. It’s strength was even to Chelt’s and it was faster. But in the end, Gallade’s defense was the weak point where Chelt could land a critical hit and finish it off.

Henry 5 – 6 Miingno

Henry did find his answer to the defeated Gallede fast and sent in Pelipper. The flying/water-type pokémon maybe was not too fast due to it’s tallness but it still could easily catch up with Chelt. And the flying moves were extremely strong! Its hurricane attack even nearly did blow me off the ground and Chelt was in the middle of the storm. Plus Henry did teach Pelipper a few ice attacks which gave Chelt the rest.

Henry 5 – 5 Miingno

I wanted to see what his flying pokémon could do against mine and sent in Star ☆! With the speed of Star ☆, Pelipper did have too much trouble. Also the mist it did use couldn’t hide it. Only Pelipper’s great combination of the stockpile and swallow moves did lengthen the fight a lot and took out a lot of Star’s ☆ power. In the end Star ☆ did won against Pelipper.

Henry 4 – 5 Miingno

… But the lost power was gone fast against Henry’s next pokémon Electivire. With a final gambit move, Star ☆ could take out a little of Electivire’s power but itself did got defeated.

Henry 4 – 4 Miingno

I knew that my next pokémon would be a little hard enemy for Electivire but I had to send in my Passy. We wanted to win!
Electivire couldn’t harm Passy at all. Any normal moves didn’t scratch Passy and electric moves only did strengthen it! But Passy itself did have trouble too, Electivire just was too fast! Then I remembered something… there was a move that could maybe help but I never tried it before with Passy.. Gravity.. Passy kinda looked at me curious why I suddenly asked for that move, but it knew it and used it! And it helped! Electivire suddenly got sucked to Passy. More and more it moved closer and got slower! Passy only had to keep it up and wait until Electivire was close enough and could finish it off an earthquake!

Henry 3 – 4 Miingno

Now I could see another friend again, because Henry’s next pokémon was Rhyperior. And this was the answer for my little bit nasty move to use Passy against Electivire.
Rhyperior was more or less immune against stone and electricity attacks. The few steel attacks Passy new didn’t hurt Rhyperior too much. But I wanted to let it use a little of its strength and always let Passy use rest when it was down a little. Henry realized it fast and let Rhyperior use fissure. Passy didn’t stand a chance.

Henry 3 – 3 Miingno

In order to reunite, I sent in Gen as my next pokémon. Henry and I started to laugh out loud, he actually excepted me to use Gen against Rhyperior as well as I did expect him to use Rhyperior if I did send in Gen first. Even our pokémon gave hands to each other! Just the people in the stadium suddenly didn’t know what was going on, why we both laughed and the pokémon did make such a friendly move… So we got serious again and continued the fight!
Henry and Rhyperior were a little surprised about the strength Gen did achieve during the last few days. And they also did notice it too late, Gen defeated Rhyperior fast.

Henry 2 – 3 Miingno

Henry did have the perfect answer for my Gen. As we both knew the other would probably use the pokémon we did trade, he did take his Absol with him for today.
It was the combination of strong darkness attacks and extremely fast moves that let Gen loose its orientation. A final and unusual (at least for an Absol) blizzard finished Gen off.

Henry 2 – 2 Miingno

I did counter their speed with ours, Comet had to come! And it did attack fast! I am not sure if Henry always could follow the battle of our too pokémon, but to be honest, I couldn’t. They did move really fast and strong.
In the end, Comet finished Absol off with an incredibly awesome wild charge… and fainted itself due to the reverse damage the attack caused.

Henry 1 – 1 Miingno

The stadium did suddenly get unbelievably silent. Henry and I only had one pokémon left, both just our strongest one. The crowd anticipated our last two pokémon with such eagerness, it was simply incredible!
Henry started to count down, remembering us again about the just happened fights… 6… 5… I helped too and gladly remembered the six vs. six fight we were in.. 4… 3… And then the whole stadium counted down too.. 2…. 1……!!!!
Together we did send in our last pokémon, me my Torny and Henry his Infernape! Fire vs. Fire!

The battle was ignited! One flame followed the other! The air in the stadium started to shimmer and all people did seem to get pretty hot. I did even notice that the referee started to step from one foot to the other because the ground did heat itself slowly up… at least that was what I thought but I didn’t feel anything special. The fight did use all my concentration and I simply did fade these things out. I just enjoyed the fight and Torny did too. I felt closer to Torny than I ever did. Its feelings transferred to mine and vice versa. And also slowly I could feel that we did slowly ran out of power. But also Infernape and Henry did seem to have united and now lowly getting low on power…

And then both pokémon’s special ability did kick in – Blaze!
The sudden rush of power let us four use our last, final and strongest attacks as strong as we never used them so far. Infernape and Henry used flare blitz – Torny and I used inferno.

After the attack it was silent again and the smoke and dust did block the view to the battlefield. Slowly it cleared up and showed both our pokémon still standing.. Then the reverse damage of Infernape’s and Henry’s attack flare blitz kicked in and let them sink down on the knees. But the damage which my Torny and I did take from the attack let us fall to the ground.

Henry 1 – 0 Miingno

A little later I noticed that Henry did stand next to me to help me up. With tired eyes I looked at my Torny and saw that Infernape was there to help it up. Happy I grabbed Henry’s hand and stood up. Always holding it and in the end when both, me and Torny could stand again, we shacked their hands.
And suddenly the crowd roared and screamed! The winner was Henry!

All four of us are now here in the pokémon center waiting to recover. The final ceremony will be tomorrow midday when Henry gets his trophy. Then we will all be in the stadium again and celebrate his victory.

My team and I may are a little sad that we lost. But it was a wonderful fight. Thanks again Henry.

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