Ending of the Suzuran Tournament

Today was the final event of the Suzuran Tournament and the handing of the trophy. As you know, Henry did win against me yesterday. He just was better and won deserved.
Last night we already did celebrate his victory a little in the pokémon center where we were resting after the awesome fight.
Now today, Cynthia and Charles Goodshow did gave Henry the trophy and ended the Tournament with that. What an awesome event!
I know we will stay in contact from now on ^^

And what now you may ask?

My team and I will travel back home to Ecruteak City. Tomorrow will leave a lot of plains to all the different regions and one also will fly to Johto. The flight will take a few hours and we will land in Goldenrod City. From there it’s not too far till I’m in Ecruteak.
Once back I’ll introduce my new pokémon to the other ones at home and also to the ones at Professor Elm.

And then I’ll prepare for the next journey.

As you know, I don’t have parents anymore nor grandparents. And other relatives life far away. I did grow up on my own and once I was old enough I set out for my first journey. I don’t have anyone waiting for me but I still have friends there which I don’t want to miss.
Whenever I come back to Ecruteak City I have my own small apartment, a one room apartment to be honest, where I prepare everything for my journeys.
I’m sure, there’s a lot of dust again in that room ^^;
For the new journey I will also make an update for this blog and some other refreshments. You will see! 😀

So then, a good night and till soon in Johto ^^/

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