On the way to New Bark Town

After a long time my new adventure-website is finally ready and I also can make my first official post here in my new blog!

Yesterday we set out for our next destination, New Bark Town! No, I don’t want to do the Johto-League again. I want to go there to meet Professor Elm and to give him my pokémon. After that I want to start in a new region and just with one pokémon – of course my Torny. It’s surly not easy to start new but we think it’s the best way to evolve further.

My current team didn’t like that idea at first – understandable. But they agreed in the end after they’ve heard where they are going to stay XD The place at Prof. Elm’s Lab for caught pokémon really is awesome. Actually all Professors in the different regions have great places for the pokémon to stay.
Only bad point is, which I hope they can solve soon, the new region I would like to go to is so far away that it’s not possible to transphere pokémon to. Same with pokémon I catch there, they will have to stay there at the local Prof. and I cannot introduce them to my other pokémon yet. Let’s hope they will soon find a way to do that worldwide ^^

By the way, I didn’t mention yet where I would like to go. It’s the Unova region.
I did hear so many great things about this one already that I just must go there and take a look at it myself. I know I also didn’t yet go to the Hoenn Region which actually is quiet close… But I want to go to Unova now XD lols

So then, I hope you missed me a little and from now on it will be a lot easier and faster for me again to post stuff for all of you. And this new site here isn’t yet completely finished; I’m still working hard on improvements while I travel around. So stay tuned!

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