Catch the.. hat?!

Slowly it’s getting x-mas. In all the cities and villages we passed so far on our way to New Bark Town we did see lots of lights, x-mas trees and could hear the familiar music.
Torny and I never really celebrated that day. As ya may know, we two did grow up alone. Sometimes we were invited to other families at x-mas but mostly it was just the two of us. And as soon as we set out to our journey we were always on the road at that time, also now.
Today however, we got into the sweet taste of x-mas ^^

We traveled down this road 30 this morning when suddenly we did hear a pokémon cry! It sounded like a pretty young one. We followed the screams and at a corner of the street we found a group of different pokémon and a boy petting the one which was crying so loud – a Poliwag.

The boy Joey, also the trainer of all the pokémon gathered there told us, that he did give his Poliwag a santa’s hat for the upcoming events. This morning they were fighting a Rattata. Poliwag wanted to fight with his hat on but during the fight, the Rattata took it off Poliwag and ran away! Since then, Poliwag is crying.
I did call out all of my pokémon and promised Poliwag and Joey to help them searching for the lost hat! With big eyes Poliwag and also Joey looked at my team. They were so fascinated about the power of my team I guess I could’ve told and promised them everything ^^;

It did not take long and my Star * came back from its flight over the area. It did spot the red hat! We rushed to the place Star * leading us to, a forest glade nearly the size of a pokémon battle field. The Rattata probably heard us coming because Poliwag was still crying. We couldn’t see any trace of the red hat nor the violet fur of the Rattata when we arrived.
Suddenly the grass on front of us did rustle and there the hat appeared, worn by the Rattata… a grey one! A Shiny Rattata did steal the hat?! I was unsure at that time if Joey even knew that this was a shiny pokémon and how rare such pokémon are.
Fast I ordered my pokémon to spread out and block every way into the forest. Joey understood and did order his team to do the same. The Rattata had no way to escape anymore. Slowly we moved closer to the center of the glade. The Rattata did run around looking for an exit but in every direction it ran it found a pair of hands, claws or wings which tried to catch it.
Soon we were so close to each other that a few of us had to step back and make a second line. The Rattata more and more got into plight. Randomly it now started to attack the pokémon! I started to commiserate with the Rattata, being surrounded by so many enemies.. I shouted out for it, that we don’t want to harm it, that we only want to get the hat back.
The rustling of the grass stopped.
I ordered everyone to stop walking and again spoke to the Rattata that it shall just give us the hat and we’ll let it go.
After some seconds, the grass did rustle again but the pokémon hidden inside the grass moved slower, more careful. I did call it to me where the grass was shorter so we could see it. And then it came out of the grass, a silver gray Rattata, with a red santa’s hat on his head. It actually looked really cute and adorable like this ^^
With a guilty face it took off the hat and put it on the ground in front of me. I nodded and opened stepped a few steps back to open a path into the forest. Slowly and carefully it passed through the gap between me and my Torny and as soon as it was trough and out of danger it ran away and disappeared into the forest.

Poliwag was happy again and smiling widely. We were back at the street where we met Joey and his pokémon. He thanked us many times and wished us all the best on earth, so did we ^^ I asked him if he noticed that something was different with that Rattata but he said, that he didn’t see any special thing. Now he cried out loud when I told him that this was a rare shiny Rattata with a different color than normal ones ^^;

We separated again and continued our way to New Bark Town… But..

In the next village I did see a shop selling those hats. I just had to buy one for each of us and another smaller one for the Rattata… Yea you guess right. I just had to go back to the place where we met the Rattata and shout for it. Comet nodded to me that it could smell it near us but the Rattata did stay hidden. I shouted out in the forest that I have a hat for it and would leave it here.

We’re now back in the small village and are getting ready for the night in the Pokémon Center. Even though we waited a few minutes, the Rattata didn’t show up. But I am sure, once we were away from the place, it took the hat ^^

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