Cooking in New Bark Town

Actually we wanted to leave New Bark Town already yesterday but the weather has been so badly lately, that we decided to wait another day. This night now was a bigger storm again and I’m glad we did wait and were not out in the wild. Today they also announced stronger wind and maybe even snow, but I need to get to Goldenrod City in time for the plane to the Unova region.

Yesterday was really funny, we were out at a local restaurant but not just to eat, also to cook! Prof. Elm thought, it would be a good thing if a trainer like me could show new trainers and schoolkids how they can survive outside and what for nice things there are to cook ^^
Well, mostly the chef and Prof. Elm did talk and show, but I could help to select the recipes. And give tips how to make fire on the road, where to get water from, which berries and mushrooms are eatable… just such things ^^

Firstly we started with a nice salad, then a vegetable soup, for main course a lum berry and mushroom pie and dessert some chocolate bars.
And of course we also took a good look at pokémon food, Pokéblocks and Poffins. My Torny was one of the testers for the pokémon food. Some kids made some very special flavoured stuff and I don’t think he always liked what he got XD But Torny is a really nice one and did endure everything ^^

Even I could still learn some new stuff and in the end, I think the kids were also really happy and a little beaten up by all the things they will need to focus outside on the road. But better they learn it now and not like me on their own with sometimes some bad results xD I remember a story here in Johto when I was still a young trainer and didn’t know which berries or mushrooms we could eat.. but that for another time later ^^

Okay then, hopefully we will be able to settle out today, the plane won’t wait!

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