Preparing for Unova

As you may know, Torny and I are still in Goldenrod City. Currently we’re preparing everything for the flight to the Unova region. There’s really a bunch of stuff we still need to check and get. Hopefully we’ll be able to get everything done in time ^^;

I’m really nervous and I don’t know what that new region will bring me XD All the new Pokémon which I’ll see there… everything unknown and new. This will be a great experience!
Also Torny seems a little nervous, although he tries hard not to let me notice it thehe ;P 

The flight will take off Saturday evening and we’ll land Sunday morning near a town called Nuvema Town where Torny and I will meet the local prof., Professor Juniper. She’s specialized in the history of Pokémon and tires to understand, how long Pokémon already exist. I’m sure, we’ll be able to learn some great stuff from her.

On a side note, the tracker which shows my position won’t work during the flight because I will have to shut off all the electronic devices but once I start it again in Unova, you’ll be able to follow my steps again ^^

A little a update to the website here, I’m still working mainly on the Pokédex. So far, all my Pokémon which I did see are synced and getting synced with the website, but the caught Pokémon don’t appear yet. I guess I will have to call Prof. Elm for another advice in that issue.

So then, I should keep going and finish more stuff. Maybe I’ll find time for another entry before the plane takes off. Till soon anyway! 😀

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