Unova, we’re ready

Last update before Torny and I board the plane to the Unova region!

For both of us it’s not the first flight but we never were on such a loooong one. Sadly, Torny is not allowed to stay with me out of his PokéBall due to his size and weight. Plus, once I’m on the plane, the ball-system doesn’t work anymore and so I also cannot call or recall it.
Torny already told me, that it’s okay for him but I know he would love to see the sunrise over the sea when we’re up there.. I will take some pictures for him.

Professor Juniper who was supposed to get me tomorrow did call me a few minutes before to tell me, that she won’t make it by tomorrow and I will have to wait one day. Oh well, at least she did call me, I bet our Prof. Elm would’ve forgotten to tell me in case that happened to him XD
By the way, Prof. Juniper did sound really nice on the phone. I did read an article of her with a picture showing her and a fossil in a museum somewhere in Unova. But it’s never the same a picture and the actual person. We will see how she is.

Just in time I could sort of finish the Pokédex. Now you can see all my seen and caught Pokémon! The sync doesn’t work too great yet, still needs improvements.. but it works ^^
It’s true, I did already see 384 and caught 87 Pokémon! I’m surprised myself sometimes about how many I did already catch ^^;

And now we’re off to a new region where we hopefully will see and catch many new ones!

Unova, here we come!

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