Day off in Nuvema Town

This morning Torny and I arrived here in Nuvema Town, Unova! Actually we wanted to meet Professor Juniper here today but she called us yesterday that she won’t be here on time and will come tomorrow. So we had one day free ^^
Hmmm.. what to do in a new town and a new Region? – Have fun!

Firstly we did walk a little through the town. It’s a little bit bigger than New Bark Town in Johto but still it’s a town and not a city. There were many kids which will surly soon start their Pokémon-Journey. Lots of stores sell things for new trainers, bags, cloths, tents, one store even sells space food which is said to be “fresh” forever!.. I’m glad that I don’t need those things ^^;

While walking through the town we did also find another trainer and couldn’t resist to battle him! He was from here and told us that he did not went too far and only has two pokémon, his starter a Tepig and a Patrat. I did already see the starter Pokémon of that region and know a little about these three but I never saw a Patrat before! They look kinda cute and crazy at the same time! xD
Torny and I went slow into the fight but the two other Pokémon did not stand a chance against a fully evolved Typhlosion. The other trainer however didn’t loose his poise. After the fight he told me, he knew he didn’t have a chance but a battle is always a good training! That’s the spirit!

Torny and I then went a little out of the town and up a nearby hill to have a look over the sea and the region. On the way there we did see many new Pokémon and it did itch in my fingers to go and catch them! But as long as I’m not officially registered in this region, I am not really allowed to catch one.
As I told you already, this region is so far away from my home region, that caught Pokémon cannot be transphered to the home. So I will need a transphere box here, registered at the regions professor. From that point on, I will be able to catch Pokémon here too.

The first Pokémon we met on the way was a Lillipup. What a cute little fella! I wonder what moves they will have and how strong they can be. I never saw this one before too so I did not notice it.. back here in the center when I checked the Pokédex again I saw, that this actually was a shiny Lillipup! Oh well, first wild pokémon and it’s a shiny! That has to mean something I hope ^^
A little later we met some more Patrat and on the top of the hill, there was quite a large group of Pidove!
But really impressive was the sight from up there.

The day passed by fast and now we’re here in the Pokémon Center settung up a route for our journey. My Pokédex, PokéCom and Camera are updated and charged, PokéBalls and other items bought. Unova, here we come!

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