At Professor Juniper

As promised Professor Juniper got us this morning with her car and brought us to her lab. That lab is located a little outside of the Town. On the way there we did see many Pokémon! More Patrat and now also normal colored Lillipup (remember my last post…), Pidove and a group of Swanna. And inside the darker forest trees were some Woobat sleeping and waiting for the night to come. What a great region!

Finally at Prof. Juniers Lab I could take a look at her storage system and register myself as trainer for that and the surrounding areas. Prof. Juniper told me, that she and our Prof. Elm were together in school and already back then he used to be a little clumsy. That really made me and mostly Torny laugh.

Prof. Juniper then asked for some small tests on Torny and to check if he was okay and to research. Torny agreed to these tests and stayed calm during all the things she did with him. she told me that Pokémon and trainer from the Johto region are rare here.. however lately, more and more are coming . But I shall not worry, there’s more than enough space for many many more trainer here. The Unova region is really big, not to compare with any other region we did visit so far.

A little later after she finished the tests on Torny she also showed us the three starter Pokémon Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. It was the first time for me to see a Snivy and a Oshawott. As you read, we did fight a Tepig yesterday. These starters looked really nice and I think trainer which start here will surly have a great partner for life. I also had to tell Prof. Juniper how Torny and I met back then ^^

Time flew by fast and we had to go back to the Pokémon Center for the night and where I left the stuff I didn’t need for today. Prof. Juniper drove us back again and gave us her number before she left and also asked for a favor that we shall tell her if we find something that could help her with her research in the history of Pokémon. Of course we promised to do that ^^

Tomorrow morning we will set out into the region Unova. Again as a trainer and his first Pokémon into a world yet to discover.

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