Caught a Patrat!

This morning we had a little rain and stronger wind. Also there was something like snow mixed into it. But at around lunchtime bright sunlight started to shine again and everything is now slowly drying.

As you maybe saw, I caught a Patrat yesterday! My first Pokémon of the Unova region ^^ It’s really an energetic little fella.
Torny did spot it out on the grass field and gave me a sign that he was eager for a little fight. And so we slowly moved forward the Patrat until we were close enough to not let it escape anymore. Patrat jumped into the fight with a lot of eagerness but it did not help him to win the battle. And now it’s mine ^^/

The terrain now slowly changes, before we had a little forest and grass fields all mostly green colored. Now the path leads along a small hill, nearly mountain and there’re more and more dark-gray-sand-colored rocks on each side of the street. Also there are quite a lot of creeks here. I read that there shall even be geysers on this Route 1 and hot springs!

I really wonder what other Pokémon I will see soon. So far there were mostly Patrat and Lillipup, from time to time a few Pidove but that’s about it. Also I did not yet met any other Pokémon Trainer but that surly will change soon too.

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