A rookie battle

This morning we passed the top of the hill which was covered with many geysers and a small spa with lots of Sandile working in it. They looked really happy and cute ^^
The path then lead down again and back into a light forest. In the evening we then reached this beautiful small place called Accumula Town.
Tomorrow morning we’ll visit the Battle Club to test our skills in a few special trainings. At least that’s my plan. I just heard that it’s possible to do there… Don’t know yet what will await us ^^

Patrat really is a great Pokémon and a strong one too! Today we met another trainer which just started with his journey a few days ago too. He came here to Accumula Town to get a packet for Professor Juniper and was now on the way back to Nuvema Town with his starter Pokémon Snivy. When he saw my Torny he was a little scared when I asked him for a battle but I promised to just use the Pokémon I did catch here.
He did fight quite well for a rookie! I had mostly trouble because I needed the PokéDex to check all the attacks a Patrat can learn and I didn’t know which it knew already.
In the end it even was close call but my Patrat won over Snivy. The trainer did look pretty sad that he lost but I think I did find the right words to cheer him up again. After all, I’m already a trainer for so many years and he did fight really awesome! In case you read this, and as you know, I’m always ready for a rematch!

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