Battle Club – The first time!

This morning I went into the Battle Club in Accumula Town. Don George the owner greeted me and showed me around the whole building. The Battle Clubs here in Unova are really a nice thing. Trainer can come here on their way to train with their Pokémon in various ways. Battling, Games, Training in various was inside and outside and even in the water.
The one in Accumula Town is said to be a smaller one since it also just a small town but I already thought that it looks quite impressive ^^

You may noticed that I said I went there. Torny doesn’t feel too great today and mostly stays in his Pokéball. Patrat is not yet used to be a caught Pokémon so I like to keep it in the ball when I’m in town for now.

Once I decided what we could train, I released my Patrat and also Torny.
The first gym fight will be a little bit special. Depending on which starter-Pokémon you chose one of three brothers will fight against you, always with a Pokémon that has advantage against your starter-Pokémon. As you know, starter-Pokémon is my Torny, a fire-Pokémon. This means that the first gym fight will probably be against a water-Pokémon.
Because of that, I decided to train in a little game where you have to walk along a route and avoid water streams! Sounded fun to do ^^
What I did not know until then, not just the Pokémon train in the Battle Clubs, also the trainer train with the Pokémon and do the same! So I sprinted side by side with Torny and Patrat and tried to avoid all the water!
We did not stay dry but that was mostly the problem because we did jump into each other while avoiding different streams XD
All in all a great training and a lot of fun!
After the training Patrat and I relaxed a little with swimming and Torny did relax under heating-lights.

In these Battle Clubs are also small Pokémon Centers where Nurse Joy and as normal here in Unova Audino work. That was kinda a biiiig surprise to see, that here are no Chansey in the Pokémon Centers here but these Audino. I gave my two Pokémon to Joy so they could check them and help Torny to feel better again. While they were being checked, I myself went back to that game and tried alone to avoid the water streams.. Really not easy.
As a Pokémon Trainer, you must be able to do the same you expect of your Pokémon. Only a strong, talented and smart trainer can become a Pokémon Master!

My Torny now feels a lot better after the checkup. Nurse Joy found out that he caught a little cold.. lols.. a fire-Pokémon with a cold ;P
Patrat is all healthy but sleeps now because the training was pretty exhausting for him ^^
We’re on Route 2 already and on our way to Striaton City. There shouldn’t be too much special on this route, small forests and grass fields.
From here it would also be easy to go to Route 3 and Nacrene City, but the first gym is always the one of Striaton City ^^

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