Good morning every~nyan!
As you can see, my Team did get a new member! Yesterday I managed to catch a Purrlion! She’s really strong I think because Patrat did not stay a change and Torny had to take great care of her claws when fighting. But we managed to get her into our team!

Soon we will get to Striaton City where I will also soon have my first gym fight here in the Unova Region. I don’t know when I will be able to have it, of course the gym-leaders will set the date and time but also I want to train my Pokémon a little bit more before the first gym battle, even though I will probably use Torny.
And yes, Torny is again all up and great, feeling better than ever I guess ^^

By the way, also yesterday I saw a little TV-Show in a Pokémon Center which we found on our way. They did show a report about the new Safari Zone of Johto which opened a few years ago. Sadly I did not yet have the chance to test it out and I really was like.. Wwwwwwaaaaa I want to be there toooo!!! D:
Haha next time we’re back in Johto, we really have to go there ^^/

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