Me a waiter?!

You may saw, I’m in Orion City for a few days now.. working here.. I have no clue how that could happen so fast but it did.. but let’s start from beginning…

We did reach Orion City last Tuesday afternoon. That day we did not do too much, just took a look around the whole city, a lil sightseeing. It has a beautiful and big garden in the west with a lot of special plants and flowers.. well, at least they’re special for me because I didn’t grow up here ^^
Also in this city there are many special buildings like a pretty big trainer school and many laboratories. I’ve heard there shall even be a ruin of a huge lab in the east of the city. I hope we will soon have time to visit it.

The day after I went to the gym to ask for a gym-fight or at least a date for the fight. The gym is pretty much in the center of the city and to be honest doesn’t look like a gym at all. First I thought that it’s an elegant restaurant! People later told me, here in Unova, all the gym don’t really look like gyms and are also used for different things than battling in first place. The gym leaders also all have a different main job and are gym leader beside that XD
Anyway, I went into the restaurant-gym and was about to ask one of the waiters where I could find the gym leaders. The waiter turned around, his blue hair flying in all directions, his blue eyes focused on me and his hand reached out to get mine, making all the girls in the room literally stare at him.. And then he, before I could finish my sentence, welcomed me as their new waiter!

I stood there for a few seconds like in shock, didn’t know what to do nor say.. The waiter with the blue hair put his right arm behind my back and carefully leaded me through the hall and into a side-room which turned out to be the kitchen.
The waiter explained to me what just happened… His name is Cress and together with his two brothers Chili and Cilan they’re taking care of all the people’s needs in this restaurant as well as the Pokémon’s. Plus they are the local gym leader! However, the last named Cilan is currently not here, Cress explained that he’s traveling with a trainer called Ash to see the world..
Because of that, they are always a little low on hands and really need another waiter to help them out for a little while! Besides, he noticed that I’m a trainer and here for a fight. But as long as they’re so much used for working, they have no time for a gym-fight right now anyway…
He and his brother Chili decided that every trainer that comes and asks for a fight first has to help in the restaurant. So how could I say no?

The missing Cilan is using grass-type Pokémon so I got his green dress. Cress uses water, so he wears blue and Chili, you guessed it, red and uses fire-Pokémon! After they gave me the cloths they asked me what actually my starter Pokémon is and i explained for I met my fire-hot Torny. They did somehow seem relieved and also explained why. Here in Striaton City, the trainer fight against the gym leader where their starter Pokémon has a disadvantage against. So in my case it will be Cress with his water-Pokémon. and luckily not the missing grass. Because of my blue outfit, they thought that I probably am a water-type trainer but I told them, I just like the color ^^

The days passed fast and now it’s already Sunday here! I will ask soon for the fight but I see, they really need a helping hand right now ^^
I’ll keep ya up to date about what’s going on ;D

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