My 90th Pokémon

Cress, Chili and I really come along pretty well so far. They seem a lot more relaxed now than the first few days I was here at the Gym-Restaurant. Sometimes at evening and night we just hang around or go out or play some games. They also could tell me some things about being a Pokémon Connoisseur. Sadly we never make a Pokémon fight because they don’t want to show me their skills before the gym-battle.
The battle itself is now finally set to take part on Sunday! Saturday, they gave me a free day to relax a little and to prepare my team. How nice ^^
Working here in the Gym-Restaurant is also interesting. I learned a lot about the Unova region and because people can also take their Pokémon with them into the Restaurant, I did see a few new ones!

The main theme however I wanted to tell ya, I did again catch a new Pokémon! And it’s my ’90th’ already! It’s a Pidove and I will call him Faz. It all happened this afternoon…

For already a few days there’s a Purrloin outside of the Restaurant. Cress and Chili told me that this one came here often in the past and likes to get petted and treated well with their good food. It even considers this place as her territory which did cause a few problems in the past already. The Purrloin accepted by now that Pokémon which are coming with a Trainer can pass but it still attacks wild Pokémon to get them away from here, from ‘her’ place.
Today I did see her too walking along the sides of the building. I was just serving a soup to a guest when suddenly some loud screams nearly made me spill the soup. The Purrloin was again after a wild Pokémon however this time not just outside also inside of the restaurant! It was, you guessed it, a Pidove which had fun to make a little race with the Purrloin. The Pidove did easily fly around every obstacle that came in its way while the Purrloin more and more did bump into this and into that… slowly making a chaos…
I looked around to check about Cress and Chili but they were already literally covered with food and people. So I had to become the trainer again and called out my Torny to help me stop the Pidove while I tried to catch the slower Purrloin. Torny used Smoke Screen which was both a good and a bad idea… he had to help me cleaning the restaurant of the smoke afterwards which was really persistent sticking on everything… The Pidove finally could no longer evade all the things that crossed its way. Also the Purrloin could no longer see what was going on and I was able to catch her at her tail. Of course she tried to escape, did scratch me pretty badly and even ripped open my bow tie but I hold her tight and wrapped my arms around her. The Smoke Screen meanwhile cleared up but again but the Pidove still could not navigate correctly and crashed into Torny who immediately tackled it multiple times until the Pidove was knocked out. With a little trouble I took a new PokéBall and threw it on the Pidove. A few wiggles and I caught it! Purrloin saw that too and as soon as Pidove was safely inside the ball Purrloin stopped all bad behavior and started to purr! … What a Pokémon…

Meanwhile Chili could fight his way to me and took Purrloin out of my hands to ‘throw’ her out of the restaurant but Cress stopped him. I am unsure what they did talk to each other because I did walk to my new Pokémon Faz in his PokéBall to take him off the ground. Torny wanted to high-5 which I gladly did and then recalled him into his PokéBall to make room for the guests which needed some fresh air after the Smoke Screen.
Then I noticed the sound of another PokéBall wiggling! Cress did hold one in his hands and the Purrloin was inside!

It took a while to clean everything and the guests had to wait longer for their food than normal but they were happy that they could see a little fight and action.
Cress then told me that he offered the Purrloin to stay here permanently and get treated well every day. In return she shall be a little less combative. Purrloin accepted that and will now stay there, outside and sometimes inside the restaurant but as a part of it. Here I really could see the work of Cress and Chili who not just are restaurant owner and gym leader but also Pokémon Connoisseur! I will talk a little more about that in a different post.

So okay, I got a new team member and soon we’ll have the first gym fight here in Unova! What a day!

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