A visit at the Dream Yard

Today we went to the east of Striaton City where the so called Dream Yard lies. This laboratory exploded a few years ago because of a malfunction. They worked there on a method to analyze dreams with the help of Munna and Musharna. But the Pokémon had too much power and everything went boom. Since then, the Dream Yard lies like that in remind of the power of these Pokémon.

A few Munna and Musharna ran away from the lab when it exploded. They were always treated friendly inside the lab and never were kept but because of the strong power of the explosion they just wanted to hide far, far away. Some hid closer in the surrounding woods and hills and some even helped to rescue the people.
Nether less of what they did, the Professors decided, that they would let them free again and go wherever they wanted. Many stayed right at the Ruins of the lab and are now living here with.

And we met them!
I’m not sure if the story which I told you about in Alamos Town has something to do with it, but the Munna did come out of their hidings right away as soon as I went closer to the Ruins. They were friendly and happy to see me and Torny which I released to see them too.

We enjoyed the time together and just wanted to leave when one of the Munna suddenly jumped out of the bushes and directly on me! It wanted to come with me!
Of course I always like to get new Pokémon and those Munna can be really strong, just look what they did to the lab. But I didn’t just want to take it with me, I wanted a fair fight and catch it like any other Pokémon. Munna accepted that.
The fight begun, my Torny against the Munna which did not take too long to get K.O.’d. It was the first time I saw a Munna fight and I think they do it pretty interesting. I wondered which attacks they can learn and how to use them in a serious fight. That surly will be a tough challenge.
I threw a PokéBall and caught the Munna with it! Checking its data I saw that ‘he’ is a pretty young one and I was amazed by how strong ‘he’ already seemed to be! I bet that Somni (that’s how I call him) will be a strong Pokémon and great friend ^^

The gym-fight against Cress will be tomorrow evening. Torny and I have already set up a tactic against his water-Pokémon. Hope it’ll work! Otherwise we’ll do plan B: improvise ;D

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