Grand Trial against Kahuna Hala

Kahuna Hala didn’t hold back at all during our battle. His Crabominable and his Hariyama were worthy opponents against Torny, my Typhlosion. I guess, the fact that I only list one Pokémon here should tell you enough tho about the outcome. Yet let me give a bit more detail.

Referee Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island, declared our battle to begin and both, Hala and I didn’t waist a second to order our first moves. Torny and Crabominable clashed hard and instantly Crabominable was knocked out. Torny sure was serious to win this.

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Battle against Dragons – DRAW

Maybe you followed the fight on my twitter account. Today we had the battle against Drayden, the gym leader of Opelucid City. It was a hard fight. We gave our very best and I am really amazed about the strength of my Pokémon. There’s nothing that went wrong, really. But in the end we had a draw! That’s really rare but it can happen.
How? I’ll tell you. And also what will happen now after the fight..

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A hot Ice-Battle

Who would’ve thought about that? Well of course you always have to be ready for it but that was a little unexpected I think XD
I went into the gym of Icirrus City to get a date for a gym fight in the next few days as I always do. The Leader of the gym himself Brycen was there himself and didn’t want to wait for a battle. He more or less actually challenged me for the fight! Of course I am always ready for a fight and so I accepted and earlier than intended we stood in the gym and battled for the Freeze Badge.

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Got the Jet Badge

So yesterday we battled Mistralton City Gym Leader Skyla and won the Jet Badge! She had quite some trouble against the power of my Pokémon but I also noticed, that the gym leader are getting stronger and stronger. The two remaining which we have to fight will surly be really hard to beat and we will need a good preparation to be able to defeat them.

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A Quake in the Gym

For a few days now, I have a strange feeling.. Something BIG is about to change here in this region. I can feel it. So far I am not sure whether it will be good or bad but I feel happy and excited so it probably will be good.

Despite all that, I now had a great fight with the gym leader Clay here in Driftveil City! His earth Pokémon were   tough but no match against my Dewott and my Pansage.

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Basic Badge!

You may saw it in my twitter yesterday, I’m now a proud owner of the Basic Badge! It was a hard but awesome fight against the Nacrene City Gym Leader Lenora.

As you may have already heard of, you have to pass a little test before you can fight against her. I am not gonna tell you of course what that test is, but for all those who know it already, I was just lucky XD

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