Some Website-News!

We all arrived in Nacrene City today. It’s a nice little city with a few interesting spots I will check out in the next days. Also we’re already preparing for the upcoming gym battle! Wohooo!

I had a few moments to check the messages and do some small updates on the website and added a new feature here and there.
Biggest thing I added is a RSS at the front page. I’m going to add more now with the backbone ready. Stay tuned :3

Also I did meet some people which are interested in joining this site and start writing about their journeys too! If you want to do so as well, then simply mail me! All you need to know stands in the bottom of each site under Contact.

The weather is about to change again. It was quite sunny the last few days with a little clouds but always pretty fresh. From tonight on it is said to snow lightly and will keep snowing for at least a week. People here told me however that there never will be too much snow around. We’re too close to the sea that snow would stay long time.
Anyway, I am sure it will be a really great week ^^

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