Beautiful Nacrene City

I must say, Nacrene City look really adorable!

There are a lot of awesome places to visit! There are some nice café’s, the natural history museum (and gym), the awesome forest and lake nearby and what I like most the abandoned train-station. I have no clue why that place fascinates me so much. But I really liked to go there and train with my Pokémon for the upcoming gym fight!

Talking about it, the fight will be that week. The thing is I don’t know exactly when I will get there because I heard it can be really difficult to reach the fight area! The gym leader (NAME) tests every challenger and these tests are said to be so hard, that many of them did not pass! Getting a little nervous XD But I am sure, together with Torny and my whole team, we’ll master the tests which will come, fight and also win!

During the time here I also did see some more Pokémon, many Tympole and Timburr. In the nearby forest I also already could see a Venipede and at the lakes some Ducklett.

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