Basic Badge!

You may saw it in my twitter yesterday, I’m now a proud owner of the Basic Badge! It was a hard but awesome fight against the Nacrene City Gym Leader Lenora.

As you may have already heard of, you have to pass a little test before you can fight against her. I am not gonna tell you of course what that test is, but for all those who know it already, I was just lucky XD

The fight against her Pokémon Herdier and Watchog showed me something that I nearly forgot: in a Pokémon-Fight, everything can always change! There are rules for a fight sure, but the possibilities during the fights are nearly endless. And the fight against Lenora showed me again that basic rule and I was able to handle the new situation she gave us, my team and me.

Tomorrow we’ll set out for the next place, Castelia City. Finally I’ll be able to see one of the four big bridges here in Unova I’ve heard so much of ’em already. And also Castelia City i said to be so enormous huge! I must see that with my own eyes!
But first we sill have to travel though the big Pinwheel Forest. And who knows what kind of Pokémon and adventures await us in there? ;D

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