One more – two less

The Pinwheel Forest we’re traveling though right now is a really nice place to hang out! It’s calm, quiet, beautiful, mysterious, just everything ^^
And there are also some nice Pokémon to catch here which I just had to do today! ;D

A side road in the forest did bring me to various very special places and paths, leading through and over huge wood logs. All over I could hear Pokémon and see their traces but it took pretty long until I actually found the first few. Sewaddle and Venipede were the first ones that did show up. Also some Pidove and in the tree sleeping Woobat were finally visible when I reached the deepest part of that side-road.

Already on the way out I crossed a little pond with pretty tall grass. Suddenly I did see it wiggle.. and a Pokémon did jump out of it! A Pansage! How lucky I was! And it wanted to fight >:)
It fought a really good fight but in the end, my Pokémon were too strong (and too many in numbers) that it could keep up. A PokéBall flew ~ but it escaped again! So another round of battling! Finally my Zap was able to paralyze the Pansage and to make sure it won’t escape anymore, I did throw a SuperBall.
A little wiggling ~ followed by the sound that I did catch the Pokémon! And just a little moment later, the PokéBall did disappear!
I remembered that I already had six Pokémon with me ^^; So the new caught ones get transferred directly to the your professor where you did start your journey. As explained, in my case it’s the local one Professor Juniper and not Professor Elm from Johto because my home-region is too far away.

I managed to get out of the forest again and back to the main route. There I did search for the next Pokémon Center which I did find in the afternoon. I traded my Purrlion with Pansage but then my Somni jumped out of its PokéBall! It talked to me over telekinesis, although it were not words but more images. I told me that it want to go to Prof. Juniper and there take care over my Pokémon for me. I accepted that and sent it to the Prof. too.

So one new Pokémon in my team but two less which are now enjoying the day at Prof. Juniper ;D

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