An Oshawott-Spoor

Tomorrow we should reach the Skyarrow Bridge and Castelia City! Already today we noticed that we are getting closer to the sea again. The air changed and got a more salty taste. Also the Pokémon here are more water- or half water-types now. Next to Ducklett and Swanna which I already did see we found Palpitoad the evolution of Tympole. And I even discovered a wild Panpour! However it escaped as soon as it noticed me ^^;

Another water-Pokémon which we noticed is Oshawott. We did not see one so far but we found traces of them all around! There must be a bunch of them really close to us. I really hope we can find them tomorrow and that I can catch one!

As a little update for the website I can say, that I am now working on the registration page. All other things are prepared and ready for beta. Sure there are still a few things in the back not fully working, but I want to start and open it now.
The registration page will be something all of you probably will remember ;D It’s not easy to create but I’m sure you’ll like it ^^
So stay tuned!

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