A Trubbish attack!

As already written on my twitter, we did reach the Skyarrow Bridge around lunchtime. But we were not crossing it right away… There were more and more tracks of the Oshawott we were following for a few days! I just had to get one before we headed over to Castelia City!

The tracks led us to a small grove nearby. Behind it we found a paradise for water/land Pokémon! A beautiful lake, an imposing waterfall, many water plants and berry bushes – easy said I would go there too if I was an Oshawott! Expect that…

There was a really bad smell in the air!

We walked along the coast of the lake, still following the tracks of the Oshawott. The bad stench got wore with each step we took. I had Torny out next to me. I really felt sorry for him with his extremely sensitive nose and asked if it wants to go back into his PokéBall but it refused.
We reached a group of bushed that blocked the way. We looked for a way around them but on one side was the lake and the other even more and thicker bushes. The tracks of the Oshawott turned left of us into the water, showing us that they did swim around them. We could’ve done that too but we were pretty dirty from the journey and didn’t want to soil the water. There was just one way, right through the bushes.
We stepped closer and suddenly could hear that there was something behind! Loud noise and sounds of an ongoing battle could be heard. Torny and I squeezed us past the branches. The noise became louder and louder.

Suddenly we were out of the bushes and nearly fell over from the loss of resistance. But then nearly fell back into the bushes again from the extreme stench that came into our way. And finally we knew the cause of all that!
There were about five Oshawott battling a really big Trubbish! The Oshawott stood in between the Trubbish and the lake. It looked like they were trying to protect the lake from it. Probably the Trubbish wanted to take a bath in the lake. But if such a Pokémon went in there… I don’t really want to think about what happened to the clear water and the paradise.

Torny and I gave us a small nod and attacked the Trubbish from the side! Neither the Oshawott nor the Trubbish did expect such an attack and so the Trubbish got hit really badly by a quick-attack of my Torny. Because we were still inside the forest, we could not use any fire-attack to not damage the trees. I ran over to the Oshawott and positioned myself in front of them to show that I want to protect the lake just like they do.
Torny meanwhile thought a really hard fight with the Trubbish. Its Toxic Spikes and Acid Spray attacks were really strong and a problem for Torny due to its size and the limited amount of space. Luckily we did already fight such a Trubbish not too long ago at a school outside of Striaton City. We could use that knowledge to regain the upper hand in the fight. Finally an accurate Swift attack of Torny brought the Trubbish down. I took out a PokéBall and trow it at the Trubbish… it wiggled… and was caught!

The Oshawott did not seem to believe what just happened because they did just stand there for a few moments without a reaction. Then suddenly they jumped at me and Torny with loud screams of joy and happiness! We were the heroes of the day XD

I explained to them why I actually came here but then saw that they were in big trouble and just had to help. Then I asked if one of them wanted to come with me, of course only if I could catch it in a battle.
One of the Oshawott which was at the side looked over to me and gestured that it wanted to battle.
I remembered that it was the one that stood in the middle when they did protect the lake when we arrived here. But I also noticed that it was the only one not jumping at us but lingering to the side and just looking over the group.

Another hot battle started and I must say, that Oshawott had some really strong moves. Plus the fact that it could use its water attacks at a lake against my fire-Pokémon which was unable to use fire at that place was even more a bonus to its strength. However it seemed like it sometimes did seem like it made some mistakes in its attacks on purpose so that Torny could land some pretty nice hits. I’m unsure if Torny noticed it. I’ll ask him later…
One last attack of Torny brought the Oshawott to its knees and I quickly grabbed a ball and threw it…

Torny and I were really happy that we got the Oshawott we were looking for. But the other ones around looked sad that their fellow member got caught. Quickly I did call the Oshawott back out of its PokéBall before it was send away ~ I already possessed six Pokémon ~ that made the ball of the Trubbish disappear and me keeping the Oshawott in the team.
My new team member did talk to the other Oshawott in the round. I don’t know what he said but I saw in the eyes of the others that it must have been something sad but also good because in the end all of them were smiling and laughing again.

We made our way back to the bridge. the Oshawott did wave farewell to his fellow members which escorted us all the way back here. The group of Oshawott waved back at us and then turned around and went back to the lake laughing again.
Our new team member looked really sad that it had to leave them. But my Torny always seems to find the best words in such situations. He said something to the the Oshawott that made it suddenly seem a lot happier. I smiled at Torny and at our new partner.

That’s alway the hard part that I don’t really like too much. To take a wild Pokémon out of it’s family, place, group where it lived for so long. So I always try to make sure that they want to come with me on their own will if they are connected to something of that sort.

We then did cross the Skyarrow Bridge together and entered the HUGE Castelia City. In the middle of the bridge I had to take Oshawott back into its PokéBall. It was so tired that it wanted to take a rest. Also Torny thought that that was a good idea and disappeared in his ball… I was the only one that had to keep walking D:
Actually it’s always better if Torny is in his ball when we enter a new city. Because Typhlosion don’t live in these places and trainer like me are rare which bring one with ’em, we always take a lot of attention on us. And I don’t want my tired  Torny to be bugged too much.

Right now I’m here in the Pokémon Center of Castelia City resting from the journey and writing this text here. My Pokémon are with Nurse Joy and her Audino. Also I did ask Professor Juniper if Trubbish was all right and she confirmed me already that everything is okay. My Munna Somni is taking good care of the Pokémon I send over and she was pretty amazed by the size (and the smell) of that Trubbish… XD

This weekend I will take a goood rest and take a look around the city with my Pokémon. It really looks like an interesting place with a lot to see and experience ^^

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