A visit at the Liberty Garden

Yesterday we made a little visit to an island at the south-west of Castelia City called the Liberty Garden. IT’s a beautiful small island from which you can enjoy the WHOLE skyline of Castelia City. It look really impressive from there. Also in that island you an find a light house and even check how it works.

The guy who operated the light house also tells his visitors a story about a special Pokémon that sometimes appears at his house. It is called Victini. Special because it is proved that it really exists but still it is the only official Pokémon that got the regional PokéDex Number 000. But more impressive is the legend that every trainer who possesses a Victini will always win every fight with it! V for Victory!
Sadly we could not see the Victini yesterday D: But it was still a really nice trip ^^

Afterwards we went into a really great restaurant where trainer and Pokémon can eat side by side. Was awesome! 😀

My gym fight will be a little later because the local gym leader Burgh (who we already met in Striaton City) is still out of the town and looking for special Pokémon and other things. That’s at least what I got told at the gym ^^;

So from today on we will train hard in the city and the surrounding area! Don’t worry Burgh, we’ll have a good fight together!

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