Evolution and Car Driving

Castelia City is an enormous city! A lot of things are going on here and it’s special every day!

At the park in the center of the city are always trainer waiting for a nice battle. Yesterday I also went there to train a little and to battle. I found a guy who wanted to have a double-fight two vs. two. Of course I had to accept that challenge!
He did send in a Throh and a Sawk. They seem kinda similar but are to totally different Pokémon types. To counter that I did send in my Pansage and Faz.
The battle was amazing. My opponent had log time the upper hand of the battle and could control it pretty much. But then it happened… my Faz evolved from a Pidove into a Tranquill! This broke his rhythm and with the added strength we could defeat him!

Today I wanted to do something I didn’t do for a while. Driving a car.
As you may know, my parents died in a car accident when I was still a kid. I don’t remember what really happened back then but I wanted to understand what happened. So I made my driving license and now can see it a little bit clearer. I don’t own a car on my own and I love to just walk from city to city and not drive. I’m a trainer and belong to the outside off the road anyway. However when I have a little chance I try to drive again to not forget everything XD

My Pokémon are eager for the gym fight which I finally got a date for, next Tuesday! Just stay tuned and follow my twitter to not miss the battle! We’re training hard and we don’t fear any challenge!

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