Into the desert of Route 4

What a great gym-fight yesterday! Burgh did not seem to stand a chance against my Pokémon and our tactic. Only my strong Torny did have to take a few really bad hits and is still resting in his ball from the poison attacks. He got an antidote and should be up and ready again in a day or two. I sure do worry about him but I also know that he can take it and wouldn’t want me to worry about him.

So today I continued our journey north into the desert of Route 4. I wonder what for adventures await me.
As you know, I love the cold… The heat in such a desertic place is nothing I like.. Luckily it’s spring and the temperatures won’t go up too high.. At least I hope that XD
Despite that I also want to take a little detour and visit the Desert Resort and the Relic Castle which is located a little west of Route 4. I’ve heard, that there are some really strange and special Pokémon around that area and I sure want to check them out!

A little update to this website, I finally finished the registration page! Click on Sign up and sign up! ;D
Also we started a new user already called HQ – the headquarter of Poké There we’ll post updates and bug fixes of the website as well as more useful information. Take a look at it and start your journey!

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