On Route 4

Here on Route 4 in the desert we found yesterday a pretty big building site. A huge sign told me then that this shall soon be a new part of Castelia City. What fascinated me more were all the different Pokémon I could see working there. Timburr and its evolution Gurdurr were seen all over the place. Also I could see Roggenrola and Boldore for the first time! They helped with the stones and other heavy stuff to hold it or bring it from one place to another. It reminded me a lot about my home region where we work hand in hand with Machop and Machoke, Geodude and Graveler to build houses.
We were there looking around a little but then went on on our way.

The road lead us to the east now. There is already quite a few sand visible but still not that much that you actually could call it a desert. Occasionally are still some plants and flowers blooming. In front of us are already a few taller hills visible which we should reach in the later afternoon. Also there we will change the road to get to the Desert Resort and the Relic Castle. I am really wondering what kind of Pokémon we’ll encounter there! As far as I know, I should be allowed to capture Pokémon in the Resort and the Castle, mostly because I am already a trainer on a quite high level.

The area we are passing through this afternoon is the home of Sandile and Dwebble. But also there shall be a growing number of Scraggy seen lately here! I really would love to get one of them! One of all XD
Wish us luck and till soon! :3

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