Through the Desert and at the Castle

My Oshawott attacked the Darmanitan with a pretty strong Razor Shell! And then it happened, right when it was back in place to protect from counterattack it evolved! My Oshawott evolved into a Dewott!

I must say here at the Relic Castle, so many awesome things happened which I now can tell you about!

Firstly we did see new Pokémon on the way to the Castle through the Desert Resort. We could see quite a many Darumaka and Maractus. Also more Sandile were on the way.
Then yesterday at the castle we had a meeting with a tour guide to inspect the Castle on a more or less save way. That guide owns a special Pokémon I have never imagined being possible, a Sigilyph! They look really special! D: (and a little bit weird too XD)
With the guide and his Sigilyph we went through the Castle and could see more new Pokémon as well as a nice part of the castle. At the first few floors where were mostly Sandile but also some Yamask! Lower inside the castle we found a group of Krokorok the evolution of Sandile. The castle showed some interesting images on the walls. I actually doubt a little that the guide told us the “true” story behind the images because everything was a little “too nice” described. I guess I won’t be able to get the true story behind these images anytime soon ^^;
Then later after the tour we could walk around freely at some parts of the castle which were said to be safe. There I did encounter a Yamask and together with Scraggy and Zap I could catch it! 😀
My Scraggy is a pretty interesting Pokémon. In the Desert Resort it showed me how to safely move and act in the sand and the sandstorm we had. It is a survivalist just like my Oshawott and these two get along really great ^^.

And now today I accepted a challenge of a trainer here who wanted to prove that his Darmanitan could beat any water-Pokémon with its strength. Of course I had to show him he was wrong ;D
And as already started at the top, my Oshawott was strong and in the middle of the battle it evolved into a Dewott!
Not soon after my Dewott won over the Darmanitan ^^

We are now on the way back to Route 4 and then north to Nimbasa City. I heard that there are many, many things to see, from a big park over endless sport-events as well as a special underground-train…

Till soon! :3

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