You can see its glowing from the distance

Actually I wanted to write post this already yesterday evening but we were all so tired from the last part of the journey that I felt asleep while writing the post! XD

So we’ve reached Nimbasa City after a few days of traveling through the quite hot Desert Resort. Nothing special happened here. It’s just sand everywhere XD Then we came back to the dry Route 4. It took longer than I thought northwards because I did not calculate the quite big hills, well nearly mountains in between us and the next city. The climbing up there was quite a challenge after the last dry part but once we were at the top of the highest mountain we have been awarded with such an awesome view~

And we got a nice Pokémon Battle too! A trainer which also just started his journey here in Unova a little while ago, like me, asked for a fight. Of course I could not say no to that! It was a one against one fight. He sent in his Crustle and asked me to bring a Pokémon to which Crustle’s type will be weak to. So I chose my Pansage!

It was an intensive fight. It kinda seemed that the Crustle could always hold the upper hand over the fight. But my Pansage also knows some tricks and always surprised me with its attacks. However sometimes it ignored my commands completely and had to take some pretty bad hits. I hope I will be able to make it listen to me more..
After a couple of minutes (and many hard hits) we slowly could shift the fight to our good. The defense the Crustle had built up before our fight, started to loose and the normal type-weakness came through. We could win the fight with a nice final Seed Bomb.
The rest of our journey then was down the hills and right into Nimbasa City. Already still at the hill when it slowly got nighttime I could easily see where the city lies. Its glowing spread out like a dense fog. Luckily they did shut down most of the light at midnight. You still could not miss the city but it was no longer that bright glow but a thin layer or shinyness that remained there.

Then we finally reached Nimbcasa City and I really have to say, what an “electrifying” city… No really, there are so many lights and screens and things here that I think this town needs more electricity than the Big Castelia City ^^;

Tonight we’ll go to a sports event and tomorrow we’ll enjoy a day in the amusement park. There are so many things to see that I cannot say how long we’ll stay here XD

Not to forget that there’s also a gym-fight to do! I guess with all the electricity it’s already clear what kind of fight that is going to be~

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