The Season Research Lab

On my way here on route 6 I reached a small village with a really interesting laboratory: the Season Research Lab.
There they are making researches on the influence of the seasons to the different Pokémon. One really impressive example are the changes of the Deerling and the Sawsbuck to the four seasons in this region.

While the Deerling just changes its colors from a pink in spring, green in summer, orange in autumn to a gray-brown in winter, the Sawsbuck does an even more impressive transformation!
Currently in spring it’s brown antlers are covered with pink flowers and there also appear pink spots all over its fur. The legs are covered with a light brown and thick but soft hair and the chest if covered with a really thick coat of the same fluffy hair.
In summer, it looses all that fluffy bright hair, nothing on the chest and nothing on the legs. The flowers on it’s dark brown antlers disappear, the antlers itself grows longer and gets covered with green leaves! It nearly looks like there is a small tree on its head! Also the pick spots on the fur get replaced with green ones.
Then in autumn the transformation continues. The leaves in the head turn brown and start to fall off the antlers, sometimes there even brakes a part of the brown antlers off. The fluffy hair on the chest and the legs starts to grow again and the spots on the fur are now brown and orange – like the leaves.
And finally in winter, it has the most impressive look I think. The leaves are all gone on the antlers and they shine in a bright white! The fluffy hair in the chest and on the legs grows even thicker and longer and also shines in a nice white as well as the spots on its fur.

Another one they recently checked was the Parasect. They don’t appear in that region but they know, that the Parasect in Johto or Kanto look totally different than for example on the tropic Orange Archipelago.

The lab knows really good how each of the Pokémon which reacts to the seasons loos like but they still don’t know all the reasons why they do these transformations. Some probably do it to better be able to hide, some to better resist to the different weather in the region. But it still will take long to get behind all the reasons.

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