A shocking mountain

We reached the entrance to the Chargestone Cave yesterday. As my PokéCommunicator told me, the way through the cave will take a few days! And as it also told me, that weekend will be really sunny and warm. So I decided that we’ll wait here in front of the cave until Monday when the weather is said to be a bit worse. Inside the cave it won’t matter too much. But getting a bit sun before the darkness will be really pleasant I think ^^

However I couldn’t get my hands away from the cave yet and already had to go in a little to check it out and look for something to excavate ;D As you may remember, I really love to do that and in the Sinnoh region I found quite some rare items. I doubt that I will find any of these rare things here but hey, who knows?
What I am sure about is that I will find some evolution stones. The area here is known for that and of course mostly for electricity ones.

In fact, I can feel the tension in the air. My devices are all still working so far due to the special shells and things I bought for them. They also shouldn’t have any trouble at all promised me the man in the shop XD Just in case I will also look if I can find some berries nearby which should help to isolate with their juice as I made it back on Mt. Coronet during the UBF.

In case I find something interesting during the weekend, I’ll let ya know! Also I may will make a few updates on the site.. don’t know yet ^^

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