A Quake in the Gym

For a few days now, I have a strange feeling.. Something BIG is about to change here in this region. I can feel it. So far I am not sure whether it will be good or bad but I feel happy and excited so it probably will be good.

Despite all that, I now had a great fight with the gym leader Clay here in Driftveil City! His earth Pokémon were   tough but no match against my Dewott and my Pansage.

You may always follow the battles on my twitter account. This time I activated just the “light” version for the fight to test it out. This version only shows really light info about the match. What did you think in case you followed me so far?
And of course here the whole thing what happened ;D

The fight was a standard Gym-Fight, 3 Pokémon on each side.
Clay’s first Pokémon was Krokorok. I sent in Dewott to counter the earth attacks. Already at the beginning I let Dewott use water sport. I wanted to make the ground less dusty even a little muddy which we could. Krokorok seemed to have some trouble with the new ground but my Dewott could speed up. Because I didn’t want Dewott to get too close to these sharp teeth of Krokorok, I let him use water pulse and water gun over and over again from different directions. Krokorok couldn’t escape the strong water-streams and a final Water Pulse even made it confused! Krokorok tried to attack but its first crunch was not hard to evade and the second landed in a rock next to Dewott. A final water gun finished Krokorok off.
Next was a Palpitoad. These are half earth but also half water Pokémon. So I recalled Dewott and sent in Pansage which would have double advantage due to his plant type. Plapitoad’s incredibly loud supersonic and round-attack was really bothering us. Plus it did not have trouble on the wet underground since it’s a half water Pokémon. Pansage’s idea to put seeds from his leech seed attack in his ears was really great. But it no longer could hear my commands now! Pansage noticed that too but a little late. It already had to take a few really hard hits when it looked at me with a worried face why I don’t tell him what to do. I showed with my hands that it shall take out one seed of his ear so that he could hear me again! … The shocking embarrassment was written in his face and even Clay and Palpitoad had to laugh and no longer paid attention to the battle. We took that distraction and finished Palpitoad with a direct and unexpected strong seed bomb! After the attack and when it was clear that Palpitoad was knocked out Pansage ran directly into my arms and cried a little. I petted him and tried to calm him down. And Pansage ginned at me right away again XD
The final Pokémon Clay sent in was an Excadrill. The Ground and half steel Pokémon was too strong for my still embarrassed and from the previous attacks weakened Pansage so I recalled him and sent in Dewott again.
A fast combination of fury attacks and metal claws did push Dewott through the whole gym. He had no problems to evade all the attacks but an enormous crystal stopped his way further back. Excadrill prepared for a horn drill and started to spin around. Dewott used that short moment to catapult away from the crystal with a water jet right before Excadrill did hit it. And what for an enormous strength there was behind that drill! Excadrill did make a crack into that extremely hard crystal-material! Thinking about it again, it may just was a glass replica of a crystal.. I don’t think a real crystal of that size would have broken. The crack however was not that big just enough to let the Excadrill get stuck in it! That was our chance! Dewott used aqua jet again to first land a direct hit on Excadrill, turned around and used the remaining force for a really strong razor shell attack! The impact of our attacks knocked Excadrill out of the crystal again but it was also knocked out from the fight ;D

So we were victorious and got our Quake Badge!

Our route will now lead us north into the mountains. And when I mean into then I mean into! As I now saw on the map on my PokéCom, there’s a cave that will bring me to the next city. What I also saw, there’s a warning sign telling that inside the cave, the PokéCom may not work. There are really strong electro-magnetic fields inside the cave just like at Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh. But as you may know, I upgraded my PokéCom during the UBF – Battle Frontier and so it should be no problem to send things even from inside the cave ^^/

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