On Route 7

So yea, we’re actually already on our way again for a few days.

Before we left Mistraltion City we could make a little flight around the whole region. Wowy, Unova is BIG! We so far only saw a small part of that area even though we nearly have all the badges for the league already. I really think I will keep on travelling here a little longer.

Not much happened since we left Mistralton City. Only think were a few Pokémon Trainers we defeated ;D They had already known and also some new Pokémon with ’em which I didn’t know yet.
One had a Scolipede which was really BIG and Scarry at first – the flames from my Torny were too strong ;D
Another trainer had an Axew – that cute thing nearly knocked out my Dewott, but as said, just nearly.
And a third trainer challenged me with his Whimsicott – that fluffy ball stood no chance against the speed of Faz.

As mentioned already, we will first travel north to the Celestial Tower. Then the way will lead us east to the next cave.

My Scraggy somehow starts to feel a little bit torn apart. We recently fought and caught a Joltik together. Scraggy did hit it pretty hard and felt guilty that it might have hurt it too much. I already called Prof. Juniper to ask her about it and she assured me that everything’s fine but my Scraggy still would like to apologize for the rough attacks itself. I guess I’ll send it to the Prof. when we reach the next village. Or maybe there’s a different reason why it’s acting like that? Who knows ^^;
But I only send it back a little unwilling. I really like all my Pokémon and Scraggy and Dewott are an awesome fighting duo. But hey, I care to much about my Pokémon’s wellbeing so I will gladly grant this wish when I can.

So then, the little break is over and back on the track! I would like to reach the Tower by the end of the week!

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