Got the Jet Badge

So yesterday we battled Mistralton City Gym Leader Skyla and won the Jet Badge! She had quite some trouble against the power of my Pokémon but I also noticed, that the gym leader are getting stronger and stronger. The two remaining which we have to fight will surly be really hard to beat and we will need a good preparation to be able to defeat them.

We will stay here a little longer because we want to take the chance to fly with one of these small airplanes, to be in a short round-trip over the region. I will tell ya once we had it ^^

Next then is the journey more to the north. It will be a long trip till we reach the next bigger city so we will have to prepare everything really good. On the way we will also visit the Celestial Tower and will try to climb its top to listen to a huge bell which is said to have such an awesome sound that every Pokémon and every human that hears it will become happy and reverential together.
Then we will travel east to the next big mountain called Twist Mountain. Inside this mountain is a mine but I don’t exactly know what they do gather there. That’s one reason why we will go there, to find it out! The mountain is not that big and it actually is a little a detour but whenever it is about mining or excavation I am in! XD

Okay, enjoy the weekend folks! 😀

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