Rescue the Cubchoo!

Today we actually were already in front of the Celestial Tower when a faint cry pricked up our ear. Far in the north of the Tower flows quite a strong river down the near mountains. It was from this direction where we heard the crying steadily getting louder as we got closer. Also could we hear the roar of the water which unruly channelled its way through the stony terrain.

We reached the river and found the little creature that was crying so much. In the middle of the river on a boulder lay a soaked wet and frightened Pokémon, a Cubchoo! We already could see a few the days before and knew that they would be in this region. Also do we know that they are pretty strong themselves and can also handle some trouble alone. But this one was seriously in danger!
Luckily that Pokémon is still rather small and my Faz already pretty strong. It could easily fly over to the Cubchoo, grab it and bring it to us. I took out my big towel and clasp it around the small Pokémon to dry it off a bit. It was still shivering and looked weak. I called all my Pokémon back into their PokéBalls and started to run back to a small town we crossed on the way to the tower.

I reached it in the late afternoon and brought the Cubchoo to the PokémonCenter, explaining Nurse Joy where we found it and hoped that she can help us. Immediately she and Audino started to treat the little Pokémon in a separate room.
The whole scenario reminded me about how I got Comet my Luxray. Back then we found it in a bush next to the road with a broken leg and to be starving on Route 202 the way to Jubilife City in Sinnoh. Comet back then was a lot worse in shape than this Cubchoo but I still am worried and hope that everything will be alright.
Torny and I are still here in the PokémonCenter waiting for the sign to go off and that we can take a look at the Cubchoo.

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