Cubchoo feeling better

In the middle of the night we got kindly woken up by Nurse Joy and her Audino. The Cubchoo we brought to the PokémonCenter a few hours ago has been treated and was over the worst. It was still weak and sleeping now but we could go take a look at it. It was sleeping inside some sort of glass-cylinder where they could regulate the temperature to adapt itself to the one of the Pokémon inside it. The Cubchoo was deeply asleep and looked happy. Joy told me that there were no serious injuries but it was probably already laying there on the rock for a day and was weak and overcooled – yes, also an ice Pokémon can get overcooled.
Relieved, Torny and I thanked Nurse Joy and Audino and went back to bed.

This morning then, Cubchoo was out of the special cylinder and already looking a lot better and happy. It jumped at us and hugged us tightly – it has pretty sharp claws… XD
Cubchoo still needs to stay in the PokémonCenter for a few days to recover fully. We will travel to the Celestial Tower now and then come back here again because that’s the normal route to the east and to Icirrus City. We will then take another look at Cubchoo and maybe, if it likes to, it can come with us ^^

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