Welcome Sib!

Guess who joined our little group? It is the Cubchoo we rescued a few days ago! We came back to the towns Pokémon Center today morning and checked for Cubchoo. It’s fully recovered again and was ready to join us on the journey! But of course it wanted a fair fight against my Pokémon to see if we’re worth enough to let it join our ranks ;D

We were! I let Dewott fight against Cubchoo. Not soon after we started the fight we also were finished and I had a new friend captured. But don’t think we didn’t have a hard battle. Cubchoo may be small for its kind and still young making it not having the strenght of others, however the accuracy of its attacks is remarkable. There was no attack that didn’t hit!

I named our new member Sib and it loves the name ^^. We welcomed it with a nice and big meal! 😀

Now our path will lead us east to the Twist Mountain. I wonder, what we will find there!

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