Icy and twisted Mountain

We’re through Twist Mountain and in Icirrus City. The Mountain was really great to go through. It’s a huge excavation cave and eroding bank. Sometimes there appear fossils which scientists try to turn into Pokémon again. I’ve heard that there are two Pokémon which could be revived lately, Tirtouga and Archen. Sadly I couldn’t see one today but I am sure I will someday ^^

Also this mountain is pretty cold and a few ice-Pokémon live there. I could see more Vanillite and Cubchoo as well as a Cryogonal! But sadly couldn’t catch any of them ^^;

Now we are preparing for the gym battle! I will ask today for a date for the fight. As far as I know, the leader will use ice-type Pokémon. With Dewott, Zap and Torny, I have a strong team against icy attacks. Cub is still a little too weak for a gym battle I think, but the training in the next days may will show me if I’m right or not. Just Faz and Pansage will surly have to wait this time because they’re weak against ice-attacks.

After the battle we will firstly go north. There’s a special tower I would like to see called Dragonspiral Tower. Then a little south east is a marsh which is said to be really scarry but beautiful at the same time. Just must see it! XD

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