A hot Ice-Battle

Who would’ve thought about that? Well of course you always have to be ready for it but that was a little unexpected I think XD
I went into the gym of Icirrus City to get a date for a gym fight in the next few days as I always do. The Leader of the gym himself Brycen was there himself and didn’t want to wait for a battle. He more or less actually challenged me for the fight! Of course I am always ready for a fight and so I accepted and earlier than intended we stood in the gym and battled for the Freeze Badge.

It was a fight over three rounds, meaning each trainer could send in three Pokémon, one at a time. As always, I was allowed to switch Pokémon if I wanted to what I rarely do during the fight.
Brycen’s first Pokémon was Vanillish, I sent in my Dewott. Already in Twist Mountain we fought against some of them and Dewott knew some tricks which were pretty effective. And these tricks could let it get a pretty quick victory over Vanillish.
Next Pokémon was Cryogonal, the ice-ghost Pokémon. If it comes to ghosts I am a pro and I love ice. So an ice-ghost Pokémon couldn’t surprise me. We always had the upper hand in the fight. However it confused Dewott with its Confuse Ray. As mentioned I rarely switch Pokémon during an on-going fight but this time I had to or Dewott would’ve been hurt badly. So I recalled it and sent in Torny instead.
Cryogonal was no match against the fire from Torny and it went down fast.
Brycen sent in his last Pokémon, a Beartic! I was pretty surprised seeing this but also happy because I think it looks really cool! I can’t wait till my Cubchoo will become a Beartic! XD Anyway, The fight was hard because this ice-Pokémon was pretty trained against fire attacks. But in the end it couldn’t keep the upper hand and Torny defeated it as well. A full 3 to 0 victory! Well.. Nearly, with one switch ^^;

Brycen congratulated me got the courage to fight him and of course for the victory and we got our seventh badge of the Unova region, the Freeze Badge!
Because of that awesome early win, we will take a day off tomorrow and take a look at the city and the surrounding places. We will still train a little in the coming days before continue our journey but it will be a little easier without the gym fight in mind.

Have a great day everyone, we sure have!

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