A Dragon Tournament

The Dragonspiral Tower was awesome I tell you. A lot of strong dragon-type Pokémon-Trainers gathered for a little tournament! The awesome thing about it was that after each round, the next few battles were on a higher floor until the final one at the top!

Finally I could see Unova-region dragon Pokémon like Druddigon, Fraxure, Haxorus or Zweilous. Some trainer also had Pokémon from other regions with ’em such as Milotic or Gyarados (I know, they’re not dragons but sure are as strong as one), Dragonair, Shelgon, Salamence, Gabite, Garchomp and even a Dragonite! I’m sure our dragon gym leader Clair in Johto would be totally stoked with all these dragons!

The battles were hard but a lot of fun to watch. Sad that I didn’t have a dragon with me to take part in the fight too! But I know I soon will be able to fight dragons again. The next gym leader on my route in Opelucid City uses dragon-type Pokémon. Thanks to this little tournament I know now how they fight! But I also know that my Team right now may not be ready for it. We will have to train more before we can encounter the next gym battle…

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