Mud and Training

Ya didn’t hear much of me lately. We were really busy here with training for the next gym fight and my devices ran out of battery power in the middle of nowhere~ A few words to what happened and our next plans now.

Firstly we visited the Moor of Icirrus. It’s a nice but creepy place I think. Around this time of the year its less humid and there’s more solid ground that can be stepped on. But still, you have to take care in there. I could see some new Pokémon such as Shelmet or Seismitoad and also caught a Stunfisk! There were quite some trainers around to fish for Pokémon. Because of the dryness of that season, the water concentrates itself into small lakes instead of one big marshy one. With that, also the Pokémon gather together and so it’s easier to fish and catch them. One trainer could get quite a big Alomomola and I became a little jealous about that catch. I tried it too but I cannot fish. The only ones I catch are Magikarp…

Next we went east over Route 8 to the Tubeline Bridge. On the way and on the bridge I found some more great trainers to fight against. My Pokémon became pretty much stronger and I am more and more content that the fight against the next gym leader could be a success. Also my Faz evolved into a Unfezant which gave it quite a big power boost.
But still.. I am not totally sure about it. That’s why we kept on fighting and training here on Route 9 in front of Opelucid City. An option that I let us open is to fight against a different gym leader. I just took this route and set of gym leaders because it’s one of the faster ones. The next league battles are still a little away so I do have the time to travel to other places for other gym fights. Depending on how the training goes I will probably consider that as a better way to go. Also I feel a little guilty already to let my Pokémon work so hard without much fun. I will think of something for them to enjoy~

Meanwhile you may noticed that we made quite some updates again on Poké However, I still think there are not enough users here. So feel free to join! 😀

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